On Sunday 30th July at 12:00 we will hold the 1st Polish Open Joggling Championship. The event will take place at the beautiful, 8-track stadium (al. Józefa Piłsudskiego 22).

There will be 6 competitions (women and men separately). They consist in running and juggling with 3 or 5 objects (juggling balls, plastic clubs or plastic bottles). Potentially dangerous objects like glass bottles, knives, axes, fire torches, etc. are not allowed. If speed is important to you, we recommend running with balls:

  • 100m with 3 objects -> just a regular sprint
  • 100m with 3 objects backwards -> a bit less regular sprint
  • 100m with 5 objects -> more dazzling sprint for slightly more experienced jugglers
  • 400m with 3 objects -> full stadium distance, nearly a sprint
  • 1600m with 3 objects -> 4 stadium rounds, still fast but a bit longer than 400m
  • 5000m with 3 objects -> slower but longer, mid-distance run, necessitating a bit more resistance

There will be qualifications, if necessary. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get medals.

Joggling rules: if the object falls we just come back to the drop place, pick up the object and continue to run – there is no disqualification. We follow a fair play rule not to disturb other runners with our juggling – runners will have to stay in their individual tracks. If you have no experience at all in joggling then we recommend to have some training before.

How to take part?

Write an e-mail with your name, family name, sex, age, nationality, race/races you want to participate in, name of the club or idea you run for.

You can also register directly at the stadium, on Sunday 30/7/23 between 10:00 and 11:30 or the day before at the EJC registration (Targi Lublin, ul.Dworcowa 11). It is not necessary to buy the EJC ticket to compete in the Championship.

+48 661 980 900