A Wild Women Circus

Tuesday 01.08, 20:30 – Icemania

The Barbarian Barbies: A Wild Women Circus is a contemporary circus show with a power punch of silliness. A true ode to the hilarity of the human condition wrapped in a big fat circus bow. Think of it as if the underground Berlin cabaret scene had a beautiful love child with a Vegas Spice Girl. These five ridiculous superheroines are here to amaze and delight you with their artistic talents whilst you laugh along with their wicked sense of humour. Circus. Comedy and the complexity of womanhood.

SARAH BLEASDALE // Drag King und Tanz
NICOLE RATJEN // Physical-Comedy und Clown
SARI MÄKELÄ // Hula-Hoop und Cyr Wheel
SARAH LINDERMAYER // Seiltanz und Chinese Pole
VANESSA LEE // Jonglage, Zauberei und Luftartistik

Barbaren Barbies und Sabine Rieck