Below, you will find a list of questions that will help you with your EJC 2023 preparations. If you think that a question is missing and you would like to know the answer – write to us at: contact@ejc2023.org


  • When and where can I register?

Registration is available here: https://ti.to/ejc2023/ejc2023.

  • Are there pre-registration phases? What are their dates and prices?

Tickets are sold in several phases. What is new this year, all tickets are available from the start of registration, and the phases will close one by one over time – you can decide at what price you will buy the ticket – e.g. by registering at the beginning of May, you can choose the ticket in the cheapest version, or, if you can afford it, in a higher one, from later phases, supporting financially the convention. This year it is especially important, thank you in advance for your generosity!

Week tickets (for adults) for 150 Euro will be available until 10 May

Week tickets (for adults) for 170 Euro will be available until 31 May

Week tickets (for adults) for 190 Euro will be available until 30 June

Week tickets (for adults) for 230 Euro will be available in July and during the convention.

You’re helping us a lot by buying your ticket as early as possible!

Here you have more information about tickets.

  • What is the “superhero ticket”?

You should know that the EJC is not a commercial event – it is organized by volunteers and has no big sponsors. This year’s EJC is in an even more unique situation because three months before the event, it was moved from Ireland to Poland. Despite everything, we want the convention to be financially accessible and we believe in the solidarity of the circus community. If you can afford to pay more – please help us stay financially secure. Become a superhero and support EJC by purchasing a special “superhero ticket” for 250€!

If you cannot spend 250 € on the superhero ticket, maybe you can choose one of the slightly more expensive tickets from later phases? You don’t have to wait, all tickets are available from the beginning of the registration. Every donation helps! Thank you, we appreciate it a lot!

  • I am buying tickets for several people at the same time. Which personal info will I need to enter, so I can gather that from everyone in advance?

You need to provide
– first name
– last name
– country
– email address
– date of birth

of the person who’s buying the tickets and every individual who the tickets are meant for. You can also choose the “I don’t know yet” option during the process of assigning tickets and fill out the needed data later. Remember to fill out the data before the convention! A ticket without personal data is not valid.

  • Can I attend the event with someone else’s ticket?

All tickets are personal and your ID will be checked upon entry.

You can, however, transfer your ticket to someone else.

  • Can I transfer ownership of a ticket?

Yes. This might be the case if you can no longer participate and want to transfer your ticket to someone else.

If you chose the “I don’t know yet” option during the process of purchasing a ticket, 

you can later re-assign the ticket to somebody else yourself. After entering all the needed data of the new owner, the ticket will be locked.

If during the purchase you assigned your ticket to a specific person, the ticket will be locked. In this case, if you want to transfer your ticket, please contact prereg@eja.net, adding the person you would like to transfer your ticket to in CC. Give us your name, your order number, and the information (name, contact info and address) of the person who should receive your ticket. We will confirm whether it’s a real ticket to the person you are transferring your ticket to, and change the information in the backend once you both confirm the swap.

Important! We will not transfer any entries after 23 July 2023. For a ticket swap, there is an administration fee of 10 euro.

  • How I can assign the ticket after buying it?

Open your confirmation email and click the button”view order” at the bottom. At the bottom of the page, click on you ticket and fill in the required information under “re-assign” and answer the questions.

  • Someone wants to sell their ticket. How do I know it’s not a scam?

To protect you from scams, the process for transferring ownership of a ticket is: suppose person A wants to transfer their ticket to B.

Person A send an email to prereg@eja.net with person B in CC, with name, date of birth, the email they ordered from and the order number (all for verification), ideally from the email address person A ordered from
Our Prereg Coordinator verifies that it’s a real ticket
Person B shares their personal information with pre-reg, and (if applicable) confirms that they have sent the money to person A with person A in CC
Our Prereg Coordinator changes the name and information in the backend.
Of course, if you know the person you’re swapping with well and trust them, you can just send us all the information (name and details of A, B and order number) in one email. If you don’t know the person you are making the transaction with, we recommend not trying to swap tickets in another way. This system is in place to protect jugglers from scammers, and tickets have to be personalised.

  • Can I return a ticket?

No, tickets are not refundable. But you can transfer it to another person (see above). We also recommend purchasing travel insurance, which will help you cover financial losses associated with surprise circumstances that could ruin a trip, including illness, injury, accidents, flight or other transportation delays, and other issues.

  • Why do ticket swaps incur an admin fee? 

The pre-reg system is run by volunteers, and there is a lot of work to be done in the background. This money goes towards the European Juggling Association and will therefore benefit future EJCs.

  • What is “EJA contribution”?

At the end of your purchase, you will have an opportunity to have a small fee added with the name “EJA contribution”. This contribution of 2,50€ per ticket will go towards the European Juggling Association (EJA)’s work to support future EJCs. If you do not want this to happen you can leave the box unchecked.

  • Is the ticket for the gala show included in the week ticket for the full convention? 

No, a gala ticket is not included in the week ticket, you need to buy it additionally. You can choose between 3 dates (each show presents the same artistic program).

  • Can I buy a ticket in my name and pay with a credit card in someone else’s name?

Yes, the important thing is that during the purchase process, you indicate the name of the person who will collect the ticket and attend the Festival.

  • I’m under 18. Can I participate in the EJC?

Yes. If you are between 16 and 18 you need a parental consent form (you can download it here); if you are under 16 you will also need an adult participant of the EJC who will take responsibility for you.

  • My 18th birthday is during the convention, which price should I pay?

If you pre-register and your 18th birthday is after 29th July then you can pay the under-18 price.
If you register on-site, then you pay the price for your age on the date of purchase.

  • If I want to become a full-time volunteer should I still buy a ticket?

Short answer: yes! This year our policy will be to refund the ticket after the event, rather than provide free tickets beforehand for our full-time volunteers. For more information about this please contact us at volunteers@ejc2023.org.



  • When the EJC site will open?

We are planning to open the site at 12.00 on Saturday, 29.07.2023

  • When the EJC site will be closed?

We are closing at 15.00 on Sunday, 06.08.2023.

  • Can I come earlier or stay longer?

No, coming early or staying late is possible only for setup and breakdown volunteers.

  • Can I pay in Euro at the site?

The currency in Poland is the zloty (PLN) and this will also apply to the EJC.

  • Will there be access to the Internet on the EJC site?

Yes. We are trying to provide Wi-Fi.

  • Are camp fires allowed?

No. No fire is allowed on the camp site.

  • I am vegetarian, will there be food I can eat at EJC?

We will provide vendors with an interesting and varied menu for both carnivores and vegetarians.

  • What about the camping place?

The EJC site is located in a big park, which gives you the possibility to choose a nice camping space – with as much shade or sun – as you like. :-) We also have plenty of (free!) parking spaces for cars and caravans (unfortunately without electricity) near the site.

  • How much does the entrance to the campsite cost?

Camping is included in the weekly ticket.

  • Will I be allowed to camp if I buy a day ticket?

Yes, you will have 1 night of camping included in the day ticket

  • If I don’t want to camp, is there any accommodation nearby?

Yes, here you will find a list of hotels in Lublin.

  • Are dogs allowed at the EJC site?

No, dogs are not allowed at the EJC site (except for assistance dogs agreed by organisers).


  • What’s the weather like in Poland?

Poland has a warm temperate climate, which means that depending on the weather’s twists and turns, the summer may be either very hot or very rainy. It is usually pleasantly warm in July and August (but take something warm for the evenings, just in case :)). Temperatures are generally between 15°C at night and 25°C during the day, though it’s possible to see temperatures above 30°C.

  • What language(s) are spoken in Poland?

Polish is the official language of Poland. Many people (usually the young) speak English and sometimes German, French or Spanish. Many older Poles can speak Russian.

  • What is the Polish language like?

Polish is a Slavic language. That means it has much in common with other Slavic languages, such as Russian, Czech, Slovenian, and others. Polish uses the Latin alphabet, so with practice, even an English speaker can learn to sound out the words.

  • Do I need a visa or any other document to enter Poland?

In 2004 Poland joined the European Union. If you are a citizen of the EU, you don’t need a visa or any other document to come to Poland. All you should take is a passport or an ID card.

You will need a visa if you are from countries such as Belarus, China or Turkey. You can check it here: http://www.msz.gov.pl  If you need an invitation to obtain a visa, contact us: contact@ejc2023.org

  • Is smoking allowed in public places?

No. Smoking in public places (such as bus stops, bars, bus stations and other places) is prohibited.

  • Is drinking allowed in public places?

No. Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited.

  • How old must you be to purchase alcohol or cigarettes in Poland?


  • Is drug possession legal in Poland?

No. The possession of drugs is illegal in Poland and can result in imprisonment.

  • What’s the currency in Poland? Can I pay in Euro?

The currency is złoty (PLN, zł). You can pay in Euro in some supermarkets or in other places that will accept it.

  • What voltage electricity is used in Poland?

Like much of Europe, 230 V / 50 Hz

We have sockets type E and they look like this:

If your country uses a different style, don’t forget to bring an adaptor!