Monday 31.07, 20:30 – Icemania

In OVVIO, David & Tomas challenge the laws of gravity and their very own abilities. Simple planks of wood transform into various contraptions that lead them to having to constantly be overcoming new challenges. Whether it comes to strength, concen-tration, courage or trust, it all depends on what game they happen to be playing at that given moment.

Risk is recognised as an unavoidable part of their work, they are both putting each other in danger, but it is also evident that they know how to handle the body and how to fall. One can’t help but hold their breath when watching these two in action. The audience is both tied up in the tension generated by the games, but also can’t help but be pleasantly impressed by the aesthetic images that the balance creates and sustains.

Each action corresponds to a reaction: planks, beams, wooden constructions are created and destroyed. Fear is overcome despite the danger, every act of balance is unstable by definition. For this OVVIO is also an aesthetic exercise in the laws of gravitational physics and generates improbability every time, just like a dice roll. OVVIO, it happens.