Sunday 30.07, 19:00 – Concert Shell in Saxon Garden

Through evolutionary processes, nature has been working for about 4.6 billion years to develop organisms that fit into our environment in an energy-efficient, resource-saving and sustainable way. If these organisms join together, a superorganism can emerge that possesses properties and structures that none of the individual organisms had themselves.

The juggling collective “Critical-Mess” takes this idea as a springboard for their new piece “superorganism”.

The virtuoso interplay of seven human organisms, the juggling focused on their imagery, accompanied by the electronic sounds of Fabian Laute creates a hypnotic vortex that draws the performers on a trance-like journey into the world of evolution and networks.

Director: Stefan Sing
Co-Director: Howard Katz
Performers: Kate Boschetti, Sarah Bourhis, Tobi Dohm, Noah Schiltknecht, Liam Wilson, Mitja Ley and Stefan Sing
Music: Fabian Laute
Costume-Design: Marie Stremmel
Big Thanks to Julia Pinter and Alexandre Delquié
The project is generously founded by @Fonds Darstellende Künste.